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Below please find an update on some of the work undertaken on the course over the winter period.  The list is not exhaustive but covers the main work undertaken.

Tree Removal.  A total of 48 trees have been felled. The branches have been cut up and burned and the logs have been removed. Also the stumps have now been removed by a contractor as this needs specialised equipment. As you can imagine, this has been a time consuming task and has taken many man hours.

There are still 30 trees to be removed from the side of the 4th tee.  This work has to be done by a   contractor for safety reasons and we are hopeful that this will be completed before the start of the season.

You will all have noticed the new bench on the 12th made by utilising some of the larger felled     logs.  A nice place to rest your weary bones and take a little breather.

Two new paths have been added to the course.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that the new path from the 4th green to the 5th tee is a great addition.  The path on the left hand side of the 18th has been created to encourage everyone to exit the course to the rear of the Clubhouse.  Once the path is completed it is the intention to move the compressed air shoe cleaner next to the trolley store.  This will ensure that the main entrance area at the front of the Clubhouse is kept clean and will, more importantly, prevent mud and grass from being trodden into the lounge area.

The greens and the temporary greens have been maintained on a weekly basis.

The drain that runs adjacent to the 10th tee and down the 18th has been lifted, cleaned, re-stoned and relaid.

All tee beds have been solid tined.  This work is essential as it helps combat compaction, allows air into the upper soil profile which promotes good root growth and helps with drainage.

The greenside bunkers on the 4th have been reshaped. The faces of the bunkers will be turfed which will not only look better but will help with the even distribution of the bunker sand.

A lime fertiliser has been applied to all 18 greens and the putting greens. This is applied to neutralise acids and make the soil more alkaline.  In simple terms it improves the pH levels and we all know that is beneficial, right??

The following work is ongoing in preparation for the start of the new season. Again, this list is not exhaustive.

Edging bunkers and paths.

Topping up bunkers with new sand.

350 square meters of turf is being delivered week commencing 27th February.  This will be laid predominantly on the area to the right of the 4th green following the extensive tree removal.  There was some debate as to whether to seed or turf the area.  The Head Greenkeeper priced up both options and the cost difference was minimal so it was agreed that turfing would finish an excellent job nicely.

We are ever hopeful that the rain gods will have a well deserved rest and once all the turf is laid, Jason is planning on giving the course it’s first cut of the year. Fingers crossed.

General tidying work will also be undertaken to ensure the course is presented as well as possible as the season approaches.

February 2023

On behalf of the Greens Committee

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