Accrington & District Golf Club

Local Rules

Out of Bounds, Rule 18.1

Beyond the boundary of the course as defined by the fences or white stakes, Leeds - Liverpool canal and the ditch running the length, on the right-hand side, of holes 6 & 7 and behind holes 7 & 9.

Relief under Rule 18.2a & b, applies.

Internal Out of Bounds, Rule 18.1

Internal out of bounds, as defined by white stakes,

Hole 1, in or beyond the ditch running the length of left-hand side of the hole.

Hole 9, in or beyond the ditch running the length of right-hand side of the hole.

Hole 13, in and around the tractor sheds.

Hole 16, in or beyond the ditch on the left-hand side of the hole up to a point in line with the white post on the railway fence to the right of hole 5.

Hole 17, in and around the pond between the right of the hole and 12th green.

Hole 18, in and around the car park and the professional shop at the back of the green.

Relief under Rule 18.2a & b, applies.

Penalty Areas, Rule 17

Ditches and ponds as defined by red or yellow markers.

Relief under Rule 17.1b,/c,/d applies.

Ground Under Repair, Rule 16

Areas marked by the greenkeepers, all reinforced paths, any area marked by blue stakes or lines, also the garden area behind the 18th green.

Relief under Rule 16.1a applies.

Embedded Ball Rule, 16.3

Embedded ball through the green may be dropped within one club length from reference point without penalty

Relief under Rule 16.3b applies.

Practice Putting, Green Rule 13

If your ball comes to rest in the bonds of practice putting green you must play from the drop zone adjacent to the practice putting green without penalty.

Stones in Bunkers, Rule 12

Stones in bunkers are either Loose Impediments, Rule 12.2a applies, or Movable Obstructions, Rule 15.2 applies.

Measuring Devices, Rule 4.3

Are permitted with limitations as detailed in Rule 4.3a.

Etiquette, Rule 1

Players are reminded that unruly and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and all are expected to play the game and behave in accordance with. Breach of this rule may disqualify you from any competition.

Rule 1 applies.

Other Local Rules and Conditions of Competitions

Occasionally the directors or competition committee may post notices and advise the professional of additional / temporary local rules relating to the course condition or competition conditions. Please read any notices before commencing play.

Penalties Clauses

Penalty for breach of a local rule:-

  • Match Play - Loss of Hole
  • Stroke Play -Two Strokes
  • Serious breach of etiquette - Disqualification

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