Accrington & District Golf Club

Entrant List for OPEN - Mens - 4 Man Team

80 players have been signed up for this competition as of 10:47 AM Friday 19th July

Barry Ackerley (Towneley Golf Club)
Ali Ahmed (Castle Hawk Golf Club)
Faisal Ahsan (Castle Hawk Golf Club)
Mark Aldred (Baxenden & District Golf Club)
Stephen Anson (18.9)
Wayne Archer (11.7)
Jeremy Bakes (Willow Valley Golf)
Paul David Blackburn (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Lee Booth (Towneley Golf Club)
Gary Bowker (Towneley Golf Club)
Gary Bowker (12.1)
Guy John Bretherton (Colne)
Michael Brophy (Towneley Golf Club)
Dave Buston (Fleetwood)
Daniel Cawtherley (6.2)
TJ Commons (17.5)
Ben Coombs (Helsby)
Richard Coombs (Helsby)
Simon Coombs (Wallasey)
Paul Cunningham (Towneley Golf Club)
Zakariya Dardouri (Blackburn Golf Club)
Simon Desanti (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Colin Donelan (Duxbury Park Golf Club)
James Donnelly (12.1)
Christopher Doyle (Colne)
David Drinkwater (4.4)
Luke Driscoll (Morecambe)
Mick Edmondson (10.1)
Craig Fallows (Towneley Golf Club)
Jaxon Fletcher (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Michael Fowler (Towneley Golf Club)
Liam Griffin (Morecambe)
Saul Hartley (Towneley Golf Club)
Stephen Hartley (Towneley Golf Club)
Bernard Phillip Hayes (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Shaun Helliwell (Willow Valley Golf)
Thomas Hinton (Rochdale Golf Club)
David Holleran (Burnley)
Ben Jenkinson (18.0)
Mark Jenkinson (18.0)
Gareth Jones (Willow Valley Golf)
Andrew Kennedy (Blackburn Golf Club)
Keith Kershaw (Fleetwood)
David Lees (Fleetwood)
Pete Lennon (Baxenden & District Golf Club)
Sam Luetchford (Towneley Golf Club)
Tariq Mahmood (Castle Hawk Golf Club)
Shaun Maitland (Towneley Golf Club)
Peter Marr (Fleetwood)
David McDonald (11.4)
Niall Murphy (Willow Valley Golf)
Justin Valder Myerscough (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Jeff Noonan (Colne)
Thomas Noonan (Colne)
John Ogden (Great Lever & Farnworth)
Daniel Oldfield (Blackburn Golf Club)
Mark Prudence (Wallasey)
David Rigby (Towneley Golf Club)
Alexander John Robertson (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Tony Rowe (18.9)
Martin Shutt (Towneley Golf Club)
Paul Silcock (Houghwood)
David Simpson (Houghwood)
Tony Singleton (Morecambe)
Steven Sumner (Ellesmere)
Chris Sweeney (Willow Valley Golf)
M Talat (Castle Hawk Golf Club)
Stephen Taylor (Baxenden & District Golf Club)
Richard Thornton (Willow Valley Golf)
Leo Threlfall (Houghwood)
Martin Turner (Houghwood)
Isaac Urbanski (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Robert Urbanski (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Daniel Waddington (Willow Valley Golf)
David Wakerley (High Legh Park Country Club)
Simon Waterworth (5.9)
Nick Wise (Blackburn Golf Club)
Anthony Wood (10.2)
Colin Wood (Willow Valley Golf)
Steve Wynne (Towneley Golf Club)

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